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Vanika Conchita
02 December 2011 @ 01:59 pm
Player Name: Des
Age: 24
Timezone: PST
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Name: Vanika Conchita // The Master of the Graveyard
Age: Apparent age is early 20s, actual age... uh, hard to say, because she died and then reincarnated like 600 years later, but we'll say she's still in her 20s.
Gender: Female
Canon: Vocaloid - specifically The Evillious Chronicles by mothy
Timeline: Year 998, during the events of "Capriccio Farce"

Character History: Brief Description on Vocaloid Wiki.
Relevant songs: Evil Food Eater Conchita
Heartbeat Clocktower
Graveyard Party (master of the graveyard)
Capriccio Farce

Lady Conchita was the feudal Queen of the Empire of Belzenia (presumably an alternate Spain.) As a ruler, she was a tyrant who conquered the other countries of Evillious and required everyone to worship her. Famously, Conchita was a gourmet, whose gluttony steadily lead her to crave more and more gruesome things to satisfy her palate. "Devour everything in the world", she said, as she consumed rare and endangered animals, inedible things such glass and dishes (and that's just the tip of the iceberg), to finally cannibalism which became the price to pay whenever a subject 'betrayed' her. For years, she would methodically eat these bizarre menus - and for various reasons, the chefs that prepared them. She had eaten 15 chefs in total - the last one was eaten because he asked to be dismissed from her service. As her desire for food became more and more overwhelming, she eventually devoured everything in her vile mansion, including her two loyal servants. When she realized there was nothing and nobody left to eat, she looked at her hand and thought, "There's still something I haven't eaten," and made a last supper using herself as the ingredients.

That was the easy part.

With that over with, we fast forward roughly 650 years later. A man known as "The Collector" creates a small "Theater" to house his "Collectibles", which are the Deadly Sin incarnates (Conchita being one of them, the incarnate of Gluttony) brought back to life. The theater is actually a clock tower, which has four main parts: The Heavenly Yard, The Hellish Yard, The Graveyard, and The Court.

This clock tower appears to be a sort of 'incubator' for reviving the deadly sin incarnates. re_Birthday appears to be an example of the revival process. A person inside the clock tower has not "awakened". They are a gear in the mechanism, and are forced to relive their memories and create a song. Once this happens, they can be resurrected via their sin artifact (in Conchita's case, a glass.) As of Capriccio Farce, all collectibles have been gathered (although Lust has not yet awakened) except for Wrath, who is said to be the Master of the Hellish Yard - more on that later. Also in the tower is Allen Abaddonia (the subject of re_Birthday) whom the others refer to as "Irregular" - I assume this is because he is not one of the sins, but is an unawakened gear in the mechanism for unknown reasons. It is interesting to note that Allen is said to be sleeping inside the Master of the Court, indicating that she has a connection to the clock tower. Anyway.

According to the Collector's plan, once all seven "collectibles" have completed the full song, "Utopia" will be created in Hell - the nature of this Utopia has not been fully expanded upon in canon, but it is something that all of the collectibles seem to agree that they want.

In this theater, the resurrected Conchita becomes "The Master of the Graveyard", which is a lot like being the theater's personal guard dog. As mentioned in "Heartbeat Clocktower" and her theme song, "Graveyard Party", any hapless person who wanders into the forest graveyard is captured and killed by its Master, who eats them. Interestingly, the song mentions that a gardener provided her "brief entertainment" after claiming he would entrust his body and life to her. She ate him anyway, but 1, it seems the Master doesn't mind playing with her food for a while, and 2, this gardener that she ate may have created the job opening for Octo Gammon in Capriccio Farce, which I suspect to be her plan with the "Waiter" to get around the fact that the Master of the Court will give basically anyone the death sentence (hence her trials being a farce.) Apart from him, she hasn't harmed any of her other companions at the theater... yet. When stating that Conchita's official obedience is to Ma, the Wizard of Time, her Phoenix Wright-esque profile in "Capriccio Farce" made sure to point out "but she is a dark, deceiving woman."

Regardless, the Master does her job diligently, and she and her servants are the ones to capture Octo Gammon - bringing him to trial instead of eating him, presumably because he's needed as a vessel. With that done, now all they have to do is locate the Master of the Hellish Yard. They ask themselves, "When all of this is over, who will be laughing?" Implying that everyone has their own angle for working together toward this goal. Therefore, it is ambiguous whether she is actually drinking the Utopia kool-aid, or if she's just there to backstab and eat everyone at the last minute, or if it's possibly both. This is where Conchita's story leaves off until more canon comes out.

Character Personality:

At first glance, Conchita appears to be your typical spoiled and proud aristocrat, composed and well-mannered with fine clothes and a regal voice.

Character Abilities you would like to expand on further:
Conchita appears to have immunity to all forms of toxins, judging by her ability to eat just about anything, including straight up poison. She also most likely has ridiculous pain tolerance, considering she ate herself until dead. It's possible that there are additional abilities that come with being the Master of the Graveyard, but none have been expanded upon. However a few ideas are: Knowledge of all the dead people // reincarnations (She refers to Gear as "Adam's soul" when talking to him, even though Adam is not someone she could have met or known about directly since he existed a few centuries before her) and/or Necromancy (since in her theme song it mentions that invaders will be caught by "the creeping dead")

Character Weaknesses you would like to expand on further:
Obviously, since her entire personality is based around being gluttonous, you could easily say that she has a one-track mind and can be manipulated as easily as she would manipulate others for the sake of a desired meal. She is also probably low-stamina when it comes to exercise, since she spends so much time on her butt eating tons of food. She's a bit on the fatty side. Also, the fact that she's probably not going to have many player characters to eat for OOC reasons, is going to make her positively ravenous.


What abilities will your character retain in Soul Campaign?
I would like her to keep her pain tolerance as well as her immunity to toxins and ability to eat crazy inedible things, as this is something that a human is indeed capable of (see Michel Lotito, Tarrare, and Charles Domery.)

What weaknesses will your character lose or gain in Soul Campaign?
Conchita will gain weaknesses from not being a queen anymore, nor having the two servants to do her bidding, or any sort of fearful reputation to speak of - Even while she was dead, Conchita's name became the legend of a vampire, sort of like how Vlad the Impaler inspired Dracula. So she's pretty used to being automatically feared. Also, since for OOC reasons she can't just go around eating everyone, that will probably drive her a little crazy.

The wish Death the Kid made to the BREW in 2009 was to “rescue Death City and stop the waves of Madness from overtaking the world.” By whatever means necessary. Pretend you are the BREW. Why would you choose to bring this character to Death City? Considering that Lady Conchita was the ruler of a conquering empire, there are leadership skills to consider. She's also driven in her search for new food ingredients, so upon learning about witches she'd become eager to try eating them, and would always be an earnest killer. These, I imagine, are good qualities for a weapon in a war.


Why is your character a Weapon and not a Meister?
She is a weapon because of her status as a "collectible" and reincarnated form from a gear / artifact, as well as Gluttony incarnate, and so it makes sense for her to be the one eating a bunch of souls.

What is your character’s Weapon Form? Why?
Demon Glass (as in a cup). The Master of the Graveyard is said to be a phantom incarnated from Conchita's glass, which is her sin artifact. So now, she'll turn into a goblet of fancy glass with a nice jagged rim for cutting people gangster style.

What is your character’s Weapon Ability?
Summoning magical food and drink. For example, one of her menu items in "Evil Food Eater Conchita" was "A coffee that will keep you awake forever (low caffeine)" so maybe one of the things she could summon would be that coffee which would give a large boost of energy to its drinker(s.) Another example from her menu could be "Consomme soup with poison mushrooms" to drug an enemy with. Or she could just provide herself with ordinary consumables for, well, consuming normally. Probably, she'd start out with normal food/drink, and the effects of the stuff she summons would gain more helpful properties like healing/buffing, poisoning or other kinds of effects depending on strength of resonance.


Describe your character’s soul with six adjectives.
cruel, masterful, haughty, ravenous, deceptive, gourmet.

What does your character’s soul look like? Be creative.
Dark red and covered with seeds - no face except for a gaping maw full of teeth. Oh, and it has her little hat.


Provide a First Person style sample in the form of a post to the DEMISE network.
Here (http://soul-mods.livejournal.com/16134.html) is a link to the communicators used within the game. DEMISE posts are made in the community soul_campaign.

Provide a Third Person sample set during the last minutes on their world and/or their first few moments in the Kishin Chamber.
Please make this at least three paragraphs. We want to see how well you grasp your character’s voice.

Any extra notes you may have go here.
Vanika Conchita
13 July 2011 @ 08:38 pm
Ohoho, isn't this fun? I feel like I'm learning a lot today. It's making my food taste better.

[indeed, there are cutting and chewing noises on the other side of the phone.]

Very well, in exchange for the entertainment, I shall reveal my biggest secret -

I am supposed to be dead in my world. I ate myself for supper!
Vanika Conchita
19 June 2011 @ 10:58 pm
[It's the afternoon. Conchita didn't wake up early to do anything special for Almaz, but once she did, she was hit by the father's day flu! And thus, she proceeds to track him down...]

Ah! There you are, darling.

[a brief hesitation, before she is compelled to place her hands on his shoulders and .... smile]

Cancel your plans, Almaz! I'm taking you out for dinner. Do you prefer the food at the Louvre Hotel or L'Déplaisant?
Vanika Conchita
29 May 2011 @ 05:43 pm
[Periodically throughout the killing game, Conchita's been taking breaks to go back, cook and eat bits of her victim's carcass. This Sunday evening is no exception as she sits down to dinner, a sickening array of meat surrounding her on the dining room table, as though she hasn't a care in the world about what is happening around her. The person who has her targeted is but an afterthought - after all, what kind of brute would interrupt someone's meal?]

(( Ashton > Almaz > Conchita ))
Vanika Conchita
20 March 2011 @ 12:28 am
[So, it's pretty obvious to Conchita that Grady would have something up his sleeve after that warning. Therefore, after the Librarian and Billy's conversation gave her an idea, she's decided to try something different with the filters. Rather than filter FROM Grady and the drones, she's decided to try filtering to specific houses only.

So this post is not exactly public, but there is still an equal chance of you getting the call: She has basically asked the operator to call specific addresses one by one, until she gets a positive response from someone.]

[Filtered to YOUR HOUSE:]

Hello. This is Lady Conchita. Did you hear Madam Librarian and the little boy just now?

[if you said no, she hangs up. If you said yes, though, she continues]

My goodness. It seems that woman had more spice than I was willing to give her credit for. She is the boss of us librarians, however. I believe it would be proper for me to follow her and ensure that her matters are taken care of.

I'm not a fool, however - and I also know nothing about these devil contraptions that you people use for travel, except that they seem quite fast. Therefore I ask, would you enjoy the honor of escorting a lady?

((OOC: this just in - if you offer, it will be Conchita and her fakehusband, Almaz, coming along.
And I promise there will be no cannibalism this time!! orz ))
Vanika Conchita
25 December 2010 @ 05:40 pm
[When Conchita sees her present, she is ecstatic. ECSTATIC. Screw all you guys and your problems, she's going to get on the phone and brag.]

"Merry Christmas," little ones!

Santa Claus killed Grady, you know. He did that for me.

[she giggles... which crescendos into a mad cackle.]

It's quite fitting, you see! The idiot had his goons turn me and my house into a poorly done roast, and now I've had the favor returned to him.

[Conchita's voice darkens.]

This is the price you pay for betraying me, pig.

[she breathes in the smell of the roast, softening again to a dissonant serenity.]

Santa darling, wherever you are, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this meal. It truly is cooked to perfection.

[Little does Conchita know; the real fun will start after she's taken her first bite of Christmas dinner. But why not savor the moment?]
Vanika Conchita
20 December 2010 @ 07:12 pm
[So, Conchita's a librarian now. At first she was confused and concerned by the librarian, yet impressed by the illustrious-seeming position.

It didn't take long for the sparkle to wear off, though. Off days come more and more often, as she really isn't interested in doing any real work. Therefore, when you come into the library on her shift, you might find that Conchita is slacking off in several ways:

A. Snacking in the Library,
B. Snacking on the Library,
C. Kicking people out of the library. Particularly if they are shoddily dressed, smell bad, or some other offense to her delicate sensibilities, but really, she may just do it for no reason because she's in a foul mood. She's sure she everyone is much better off not sharing space with the dirty peasants.]
Vanika Conchita
29 November 2010 @ 11:53 pm
[an extremely loud cry arises from a house on Beaver Street, resounding much too far.]


[Yes, that's right. For perhaps the first time in Mayfield history, someone has gotten fired, and that someone is Conchita. Not that she was a complete monster of a babysitter or anything, she totally didn't deserve it. And undeserved as it is, Conchita is clutching the phone, positively livid as the drone explains.]

Now now, dear. We just feel that you're overqualified now, and you should be spending more time with your own children. I'm sure poor ol' Mr. Adamant misses your home cooking, too. You all need to spoil each other more! Remember, being a housewife is a real job. And this is a delicate time of growth in your Saya's life, you must be there to guide her through it.

And who in the world is Saya?!

....Mrs. Adamant, I rest my case. You all take care, now!

[and there's a click.

Conchita screams and breaks the phone. She glowers down at it, then decides - waste not. And so, for the second time in the history of her stay, she will be trying to eat the phone, only this time she'll have it simmering in a pot with some veggies and spices.

Home cooking, indeed.]
Vanika Conchita
19 November 2010 @ 01:32 pm
[So, Jecht's droned! Not only that, but her drone husband was replaced with a guy that's easy to push around, and drone Mammon stopped crying! Well, okay, he actually was repleced with Saya, but somehow she's overlooked that. THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT.

The point is, Conchita's in a damn good mood. In fact if her mood was translated into music, it'd sound kinda like this. To celebrate these high spirits, Conchita is parading around town in her favorite super-fancy red gown, basking in the glow of not having to worry about revenge exacted upon her. She knew outlasting him would be inevitable. She was smarter than Jecht, after all!

With thoughts like those, she might pause in her walk to just GIGGLE.

Anyway, she'll be visiting restaurants and the bar, and even shopping around at other stores. After all, she's been accumulating plenty of money from murdering drone families and then robbing them blind being the best paid babysitter in Mayfield.]

[OOC: Any other threads will happen before Ash's Tauros! Unless for some reason someone wants to heal her.]
Vanika Conchita
05 November 2010 @ 10:47 pm
[Unfortunately for Conchita's pride, when she sees disgusting old candy, she has to eat it all.

Mayfield, you are now faced with what is probably the most ugly interesting costumed character you'll ever see.

Conchita has fangs and sparkles beautifully in the daylight. You may meet her as her secret identity, the not so mild mannered sexy vampire nurse, Catherine Banika.

But by night, she is a supervillain slash superhero MILKMAN, out to replace everyone's blood with milk for great justice, conveniently sustaining her vampiric ways on the side, and to take over Mayfield, also for the greater good (because seriously, nobody likes the current power anyway.) Her utility belt holds, among other things, the TV remote that she, as a supervillain, has constructed to hack and take control of the tractor cows in the park. These, her temporary loyal minions, will help her in her milky quest. Her additional superpower is talking to fish and other such marine life. She's not sure where it factors in, herself, but she's sure it will one day come in handy.

So, will you run into her by day or by night?]